Sascha Mölders kündigt seinen Abschied aus Augsburg an

By | 24. Dezember 2015
Bundesliga News

Photo: luki / depositphotos

FCA striker Sascha Mölders is anything but satisfied with his current situation in Augsburg. Now the 30-year-old attacker has spoken in Sport BILD about his future and also announced a change during the winter break.

Sascha Mölders played five games (1 goal) in the first half of the season for FC Augsburg, with an average of around 15 minutes. Mölders is anything but satisfied with his role as a supplementary player and also with the way the 30-year-old is now dealt with at the FCA. In an interview with Sport BILD, the striker is now settling accounts and makes no secret of the fact that he wants to leave Augsburg as soon as possible: „I’m in top shape, but I’m just not taken into account anymore. It’s enough now. I actually wanted my career here but it cannot go on like this. The situation is that I am now listening to everything „.

Mölders moved from FSV Frankfurt to Augsburg in the summer of 2011 and has not only developed into a high performer in recent years, but also a crowd favorite. Why FCA coach Markus Weinzierl no longer relies on Mölders at all is not known, most recently it was said Mölders was not fit, but Mölders describes this statement as nonsense. A move in winter seems extremely likely, even if the striker still has an ongoing contract until 2018.